Behind the Scenes of McCoy Stadium

Everyone in New England knows that this year marks 100 years for Fenway Park. But few are probably aware that McCoy Stadium, the home of the Pawtucket Red Sox, turns 70 years old this year.

Named in honor of Thomas P. McCoy, Pawtucket Mayor from 1936-1945, McCoy Stadium was erected in 1942.  It’s the oldest ballpark in the International League, and one of the oldest minor league parks in the country. Here’s something incredible, in the last 20 years, general admission tickets at McCoy stadium have increased by only $2.00.  Two bucks!

Over the course of the year I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty of fun facts and tidbits about McCoy, but I thought we could kick things off today with a great video hosted by a fan favorite no matter where he’s playing, Tommy Hottovy.

On a side note, after arriving in New England on New Year’s Eve to begin working for the PawSox, I’m happy to say that my wife and I have found a great place to live in Mansfield, Ma. and our belongings are currently on a moving truck and are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.  We’ve been living with my terrific in-laws for the last month and it couldn’t have worked out any better.  Who doesn’t like dinner waiting for you when you get home?

Since I won’t be at work tomorrow, and I don’t yet have Internet at our new place, there’s a strong chance there won’t be a new entry on the blog tomorrow.  Just a heads up.

Enjoy the tour!



Happy unpacking and settling in to your first home in Massachusetts!
Ruth & Rick

Thanks Ruth and Rick! Can’t wait! -AG

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