An MVP, a Hall of Famer, and a Papa Gino’s Pizza

As predicted, I had to skip a blog entry yesterday because of my long-awaited move from Dallas.  All of my belongings have been stored in Dallas for the last month as my wife and I lived with my in-laws in Hingham, Ma.  I miss one day of work, and one day on the blog, and what happens?  Our team President, Mike Tamburro, gets inducted into the International League Hall of Fame.

One day!

Well, I didn’t fell great about missing that piece of big news which has been covered nicely by Tim Britton of the Providence Journal. To make up for my poor timing, I’ll be conducting a video interview with Mike in the next day or two which I’ll post right here.

The move to our new townhouse in Mansfield, Ma. went well overall and it’s nice to start feeling like a more full-time area resident.  While my wife Heather and I were grateful that we had movers to do all of the heavy lifting, I did feel pretty terrible watching other guys break their backs carrying my stuff into my house.  But, like Heather reminded me, that’s why we paid them a small fortune.

Seeing how all of our dishes and silverware were buried somewhere in our new place, I had visions of eating carry-out Chinese food directly from the containers for dinner, and using an empty cardboard box turned upside-down as our dining room table.  However, we finished Moving Day off with what what seemed more appropriate, and even tastier: Papa Ginos.

Now it’s back to work while Heather is back home unpacking and trying not to get buried in boxes and packing tape.  Today I’ve been helping out Bill Wanless, the PawSox VP of Public Relations, gathering info on some of the Red Sox January minor league signings.  That information will be used in the first PawSox Patter publication of 2012 that will be mailed out in roughly a week.

As I was catching up on the latest baseball buzz this morning, I happened to notice that 2011 International League MVP Russ Canzler of the Durham Bulls was acquired by the Cleveland Indians in exchange for cold hard cash.  Canzler is a 25-year-old right-handed hitting corner infielder and outfielder.

He hit .314 with 40 doubles, 18 home runs, 83 RBIs, a .401 on-base percentage and a .530 slugging percentage for Durham last year.  For what’s it’s worth, in eight games versus the PawSox last season, he hit just .241 with no homers and three RBIs.

After appearing in 131 games with the Bulls, Canzler finished the season playing in three games with the Rays, one against Boston on September 15.

Right now it’s back to work then it’s back to unpacking tonight.  If you have any dinner suggestions in the Mansfield area, Heather and I are all ears.  It might be a few nights before our kitchen gets in order.



piccadilly pub in foxboro (on the mansfield line) is great!

Hey Dave – We actually tried that about a week ago when we were in the area … petty good stuff! -AG

Have you tried this place in Easton yet? it’s usually packed because everything is good!

I have not … Thanks for the suggestion! Doesn’t look too far from me. -AG

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