Treasure Buried Beneath McCoy Stadium

I keep learning more interesting facts and trivia about my new office, McCoy Stadium.  The home of the PawSox was built in 1942 and turns 70-years-old this year.  One of the things that makes this ballpark’s history so fascinating is that it was literally built on a swamp/landfill.  As a result, over the years some interesting objects have surfaced in and around the ballpark while doing off-season construction.

No surprise, one of those objects was found this week by the PawSox construction crew.  Their recent project has been installing new drainage lines under the warning tracks so that our rain delays are a little shorter this season.  They’re installing drainage lines about every 30 feet and are digging about three feet deep despite the ground being frozen.

Earlier this week while digging up the track in right field, the guys stumbled upon this gem roughly two and a half feet underground:

I know it doesn’t look like much, but this beauty is the primary crank/gear mechanism for an Alaska Freezer ice cream maker circa 1913.  Can you say Antiques Road Show?

According to Mick Tedesco, the PawSox Vice President of Operations, everything from an old license plate to cork-top bottles (with liquid remaining) has been found beneath the surface of McCoy Stadium. Maybe it’s because this is the first treasure found since I’ve started working here that I’m particularly fascinated with it.

This is what it used to look like:

If you’re really into iron-flavored ice cream, this piece of history can be yours for only $30.  And why wouldn’t you want it? According to the old newspaper ad pictured below, “the Alaska Freezer turns plain and inexpensive ingredients into the most dainty and delicious deserts.”

It goes on to say that the Alaska Freezer “is the American housewife’s most satisfying purchase” and that it “freezes ice cream in three minutes.”  Are you kidding me?  I tend to make homemade ice cream once or twice a year and my ice cream machine (that actually plugs into the wall) takes at least 20 minutes to get the ice cream mixture to a “milkshake” consistency.

Now that I read the ad a little closer, maybe the best line is in the first paragraph where it states that “your family will be made happier and healthier” by incorporating the Alaska Freezer into your diet.

I think we can all at least agree on the happier part.




All smiles, great read 😀

Thanks, Mike! Pretty crazy stuff! Hope you’re doing well. -AG

There’s a story that an entire truck fell into the swamp during the construction of the stadium, never to be seen again. Fun story about the old ice cream maker – you never know what might turn up!

Thats what your fields loam has in it? Iron ice cream machine parts, must be a great playing surface! Did they think to screen it before bringing it in or was that too much money

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