Baseball is Back

There are many notable dates leading up to baseball season, but one that certainly ranks near near the top of the list is today, March 1st.  With March comes Spring Training games, players competing for jobs, and reporters dashing around trying to get the latest scoop on such topics as Carl Crawford’s new-found bunting skills.

The first pitch of 2012 came yesterday at 1:07 pm. The Phillies' Austin Hyatt to Florida State's Sherman Johnson. (Jayson Stark's cell phone)

Sure, Spring Training games are exhibitions, but they give major leaguers the chance to get back into the routine, and minor leaguers the opportunity to absorb a major league atmosphere.  For fans, Spring Training signals a return to the ballpark, collecting autographs, and enjoying overpriced hot dogs along with the novelty that never seems to wear off, Dippin’ Dots.

In case you missed it, there was already an “exhibition” game played. Yesterday, the Phillies topped Florida State University’s baseball team, 6-1. Jason Stark (@jaysonst) of ESPN even did the baseball world a favor by snapping this high-resolution cell phone picture of the first pitch of the 2012 season.

For those PawSox fans who enjoyed rooting for Hector Luna last season when he manned third base at McCoy Stadium, you’ll be especially happy to learn that it was Luna – who now plays in the Phillies’ system – who hit the first home run of 2012.  I wonder if Vegas saw that coming?

Baseball is back, and we couldn’t be happier.



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Luna certainly stayed sharp in winter ball in the Dominican. It’s always fun to have a few familiar faces to root for!

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