Good Morning From Ft. Myers

As I write this from the JetBlue Park press box, we’re about an hour away from first pitch between the PawSox and Durham Bulls, and about 90 minutes prior to today’s main event: Red Sox vs. Twins.

My flight arrived in Ft. Myers at around 9:30 last night and after a good night’s sleep, it’s hard for me to think of a place I’d rather be than right here.  Not only is it a gorgeous day, there’s a feeling of newness, excitement, and overall enthusiasm that even the novice baseball fan can detect.

Between the minor league games, the major league game, the sights and sounds of a new ballpark, and my not knowing what exactly to expect, I’m simply trying to find my barings today.   It reminds me of what I was like as a little kid when I wandered too far away from my mom inside the grocery store and got lost.  I’m five minutes away from approaching the service counter and asking someone to page “Bonnie Goldsmith.”

As promised, I’ll be posting plenty of interviews, photos, and additional content throughout the week.  Today I feel like a tourist trying to find my way around and learn who’s playing where, at what time, and how I get there.

Look for multiple blog entries each day this week.  (They’ll only get better from here.)  I’ll leave with some pics I took from this morning.  Thanks for reading!

Bobby Valentine – along with about 25 Japanese media members – watched Dice-K throw on a backfield at around 11:00 a.m.

Hey, even the manager has to stretch out a bit.

More Dice-K with JetBlue Park in the background.

This might be my favorite “detail” that I’ve seen so far. Fans are greeted by this sign as the walk towards the minor leave fields.

Off to the PawSox game … More coming later in the day.




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Have a great time in my beautiful home state. I love the pictures!

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