A Broadcaster’s Reading List

Every baseball broadcaster needs certain books  in order to survive the season. In the last 48 hours, I’ve had virtually everything on my in-season reading list arrive on my desk here at McCoy Stadium. Here are the books I make sure to have with me during each game:

Red Sox Media Guide

This has everything I need on the Red Sox and their minor leaguers.

PawSox Media Guide

Produced in-house, this 226 page book has all of our club’s history, stats, and player bios.

Baseball America Prospect Handbook

This awesome book breaks down the top 30  prospects in every farm system.

Broadcaster’s Scorebook

This is my favorite. I’ll score all 144 games in this 330 page book where I keep track of every at-bat of the season.

International League Media Guide

Produced by the league office, this has statistical information on the I.L. along with interesting league history.

PawSox Official Program

Although I won’t use this as much as the Media Guide, our graphics department did a great job with our program – it’s only $3.00!

Hunger Games

Maybe this is a stretch, but I’ll be seeing the movie Saturday night with my wife, Heather. Our last date night before the season starts.

Hard to imagine, but this will be our last weekend without PawSox baseball until September. Wouldn’t you know it, we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow! That might not be the worst thing in the world – I have some reading to get caught up on.




Is it possible for us civilians to get our hands on either of the media guides?

Not sure about the Red Sox media guide, but we sell the PawSox media guide at our team store at McCoy stadium for (I think) I $10.00.

We are expecting a “guy’s” take on the now famous quasi “chick flick”…The Hunger Games. So…how was it? Naturally all of us who write want to also know…..Does the movie live up to the book? That’s assuming the book is actually literature.

I thought the movie was pretty entertaining. It wasn’t too much of a chick flick … Pretty good amount of action/adventure. Heather read the book and still liked the movie!

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