Repko’s Catch: SportsCenter’s Top Play

It’s not often that a minor league team gets primetime exposure on the world wide leader, but for the PawSox, it has now happened twice — in one year.

Sunday night at McCoy Stadium, in front of a standing room only crowd, Jason Repko made one of the most spectacular catches of 2012. You can see the catch by clicking here. What isn’t clear from the video is that the catch was made with the bases loaded.

Not only has this catch created a buzz on Twitter and throughout the web, but ESPN picked it up and ran it in the open for SportsCenter Sunday night.

Many PawSox fans remember earlier this year when Lars Anderson made SportsCenter for his home run off the video board in left filed at McCoy Stadium.

PawSox photographer, Jillian Souza, was able to capture the catch from her position along the first base dugout.

Repko was originally drafted as an infielder by by the Dodgers in 1999, but injuries forced him into the outfield later in his career. (Jillian Souza)

I’ve heard the the catch was also spotted on NBC’s Today show Monday morning. Nice work by camera man Matt Volpini and producer Chris Judge for getting such a good look at what was the PawSox play of the year.




It was such a spectacular catch, so exciting to see! The Today Show ran the clip showing the catch on the show this morning. Such effort is great to see!

“If that’s not on Sportscenter tonight, that’s a crime.” Touché!

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