Back from Vacation, Fall League Begins

After a fun visit to my homeland of St. Louis, it’s back to work at rainy McCoy Stadium. A vacation is always nice, but a vacation after broadcasting over 150 baseball games is the best kind. I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else, but there’s no doubt that those who work in sports sacrifice friends, family, and a social life in order to live out their dreams.

I love going home to my parents and their two dogs. Buddy (left) and Lilly (right) are Australian Shepherds I could play with all day!

Tuesday night was Opening Day for the prospect driven Arizona Fall League. The following Red Sox minor league farmhands are in the AFL playing for the Surprise Saguaros:

Additionally, Portland Sea Dogs’ hitting coach Dave Joppie is serving as one of the team’s hitting instructors. In the first game of the season, Brentz finished 1-for-4 with a triple while Huntzinger was dealt the loss (2 runs, 4 hits, 2.0 IP). It was 84 degrees at first pitch.

Last year the PawSox very own Arnie Beyeler managed Scottsdale in the AFL where he worked with players such as Alex Hassan,Will MiddlebrooksMike Trout, and Bryce Harper.



Bryce Brentz entered 2012 as the Red Sox No. 5 prospect and seems destined to open 2013 with the PawSox. (Kelly O’Connor)


Actually your brother, Buddy, and your sister, Lilly, are a lot better looking than you are. You can’t beat their fur coats or their kisses. And I understand they actually do what they are told. Do you wag your tail when your signifcant other comes home? I’ll bet not. I will give you that you are pretty good at telling a good baseball “tale” on the radio. Thank you for that. All kidding aside Aaron, we are all proud of your work here in the baseball capital of the world….St Louis.

A little late opening this “45 Miles” issue. What a great picture of you with the dogs!
And I learned something new. When I clicked on the photo I was given the choice of saving it in my photo file. So there it is–a real winner! By the way, pay no attention to what that crazy man, George says. You’re much handsomer than those dogs.

Haha, I always like reading George’s comments! Those dogs are the best…Thanks for always keeping up with the blog!

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