Governors’ Cup Trophy Goes on Tour

It’s not every day that the PawSox bring home the coveted Governors’ Cup trophy. After all, the last time it called McCoy Stadium home was in 1984. With that in mind, the PawSox are determined to make sure as many fans as possible throughout Southern New England have a chance to see the trophy before Opening Day 2013.

The map below shows all of the cities and towns throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts where the Cup has been or is scheduled to appear. You can also view this map at or at Google Maps.

Blue = Rhode Island towns
Red = Massachusetts towns
Green = Upcoming tour stops

Our goal is to take the trophy to all 39 towns in Rhode Island and as many throughout Massachusetts as possible. Each time we book a new location to display the trophy, another “pin” will appear on the map.

By clicking on any individual pin you can learn more about the event where the Cup will appear, and after the event is over, see a picture of the Cup at that particular location.

If you would like the Cup to appear at an upcoming town or civic event in your area, please email me!


Twitter: @aaronmgoldsmith

While you might not be able to kiss the Governors’ Cup like winning pitcher Nelson Figuera, you’ll have plenty of opportunities this off-season to see the Cup in person. (Jillian Souza)

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How about Worcester?

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