McCoy Stadium Gets New Turf

After playing on the same grass since 2006, it’s time for an upgrade at McCoy Stadium. Monday morning, Sports Turf Specialties of Wrentham, Ma. began the week-long project of installing a new Kentucky bluegrass playing surface at the 70-year-old ballpark.

“This process is a lot like tearing up a highway,” said PawSox Field Superintendent, Matt McKinnon. “Sports Turf Specialties are the best at what they do and will have this field torn up, laser graded, and sodded before you know it.”

Part of the reason for the new grass is to promote better drainage in shallow right field. Because the only way to enter or exit the field is through the gate located just beyond first base, that area is constantly being compacted by people, lawnmowers, and even trucks. However, that isn’t the only issue.

“Think of the infield as a turtle shell,” McKinnon commented. “When the infield isn’t tarped and we get rain, it’s designed to run off towards the foul poles.”

When the infield drains into shallow right — and takes with it some of the infield clay — that further clogs the drainage system.

According to McKinnon, the new grass will be a slightly darker green color than before and, because it was farmed in sand instead of dirt, will be less susceptible to certain types of weeds and “spotting.”

Sports Turf Specialties recently installed the new turf for the Double-A Sea Dogs at Hadlock Field in Portland, ME. They’re also the company used by the Red Sox when, among other things, Fenway Park gets turned into a hockey rink.

The new field will be broken in the day before Thanksgiving for the annual high school football game, then on April 11, 2013 for Opening Day against Rochester.


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Interesting! (I would have assumed the field could only take so many years of gum and tobacco-spit before it had to be replaced…!)

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