Reporting From John Farrell Press Conference

Tuesday afternoon the Boston Red Sox introduced John Farrell as the 46th manager in franchise history. Two things were apparent within the first few minutes of Farrell’s opening statement: he clearly defined both his style of baseball and his style of managing.

“I truly believe in an up-tempo, aggressive style of play,” Farrell said from the podium. “To play that style of game does create an attitude which I believe is critical to win at the Major League level, and that’s to be relentless.”

Without any sort of prompting, he then immediately tackled the subject of dealing with players.

“Most importantly, because I’ve been here before, there will be no taking for granted that relationships [with players] exist. I will work my butt off to earn their trust, to earn their respect, and create an environment in that clubhouse that is a trusting one. It’ll be a learning one, and, yes, it’ll be a competitive one and hopefully a successful one at the same time.

“If that’s being described as a players’ manager, then maybe that’s what I am.”

Farrell then commented that his most pressing objective is get the coaching staff in order and he clearly described the type of coaches he’s looking to surround himself with.

“They are guys who are credible. They will have different sets of experiences. But the fact that they will have the players’ best interests in their minds, and as their guides, will be a criteria that I’ll look to include in every guy that’s added to this staff.”

While you can only tell so much from a press conference, Farrell came across as a sound communicator who is confident yet humble about his abilities. He spoke with authority and had almost a calm, fatherly element to him — something he referenced was important to him in a manager as a young player.

Although we won’t know for some time how this decision will turn out, Farrell appears to have the right demeanor and attitude to be successful in Boston.


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