Former PawSox Voice Gets Historic Call

PawSox fans are well aware of the talented broadcasters to work the booth at McCoy Stadium over the years. Play-by-play men like Gary Cohen (Mets), Don Orsillo (Red Sox), Andy Freed (Rays), Dave Jageler (Nationals), and Dan Hoard (Cincinnati Bengals) have all used Pawtucket Red Sox baseball as a launching pad into the major leagues.

Sunday night, another former PawSox voice was at the mic for one of the most prized calls a broadcaster can have: a World Series championship.

Dave Flemming spent three years (2001-03) broadcasting for the PawSox before being hired by San Francisco where he has somehow managed to hold his own — and even standout — working alongside Hall of Fame broadcaster Jon Miller.

One would automatically assume that it would have been Miller on the call for the final out Sunday night, just like he was for the Giants’ World Series championship in 2010. However, because of extra innings, it was Flemming calling the play-by-play and this tweet sums up what happened off-air:

Between innings, Flemming asked Miller if he would like to take over and have the historic call. Humbly, Miller declined and gave the rare opportunity to Flemming. Safe to say the former PawSox voice has earned the respect of one of baseball’s greatest of all time. And, as you can tell, he nailed the call.



Jon Miller (left) and Dave Flemming (right) during the Giants’ World Series parade in San Francisco. (Flickr: silent summer)

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A really nice tribute to both gentlemen.

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