PawSox T-Shirt in Hollywood Comedy, The Heat

I guess when you win the Governors’ Cup championship, these things just fall in your lap.

First it was Dennis Miller with a PawSox shoutout on the O’Riley Factor, now it’s Melissa McCarthy in her new Hollywood comedy, The Heat.

McCarthy is spotted in multiple scenes wearing, what else, but a PawSox t-shirt. Here’s a still image of her fashionable threads:

Melissa McCarthy

Eric Petterson, the PawSox team store manager, said that back in June or July the film’s production company placed an order for approximately one dozen ’47 Brand “bottle green scrum” t-shirts which retail for $28.

In the picture above, the t-shirt has been cut around the neck to give it, as Eric taught me, an “off the shoulder” look (who knew you’d learn about fashion here?).

The Heat, also staring Sandra Bullock, is due out on April 5, 2013 — a day after the PawSox first game of year against Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.



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