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Searching for Baseball’s Best Hamburger

Although I typically only eat burgers grilled by Bobby Flay (man crush), today I'll make an exception. (Getty Images)

It’s not quite the 80 degrees of Ft. Myers, but the mercury is pushing 50 today here at McCoy Stadium. The big event happening at the ballpark this afternoon is a hamburger taste test. In hopes of serving our fans better, all PawSox employees will be taste-tasting bite-sized pieces of various hamburgers that could possibly be served in our concession stands this season. We’ll be rating them 1-10 on taste, appearance, and texture. Today I will get paid to eat a hamburger.

Report From the Fort
  • The Red Sox play a pair of split squad games today featuring a B-game versus the Twins in Ft. Myers that started at 10:00 a.m. with Jon Lester getting the start.  At 1:00 p.m. Justin Germano will start for the Red Sox in Grapefruit League action in Dunedin against Toronto.
  • I haven’t heard a lot of buzz about Felix Doubront heading into Spring Training. He’s someone who was hampered by injuries last season and, if in shape and healthy this year, could be the Red Sox No. 5 starter.  Here’s an interesting video I found this morning on by Marc Normandin (@Marc_Normandin) talking about Doubront’s new mechanics:
  • I was just minutes away from arriving at McCoy Stadium this morning when listening to the local NPR affiliate, 90.9 WBUR. Every Wednesday morning one of my favorite sports journalists, Frank Deford, is on NPR with a dignified sports narrative of one kind or another.  This morning it was entitled, What Baseball Really Needs: Mr. Personality, and it was all about our very own Bobby Valentine:

“But all praise and glory go to the Boston Red Sox for bringing Bobby Valentine back to provide some antic charm and irritation. The irony is, too, that the faceless new Boston general manager was determined to bring in another bland button-pusher. But club president Larry Lucchino … pushed for articulation and pizazz, for a man smart enough to have learned Japanese when he was managing in exile over there.”

The entire piece is only a few minutes long and is well worth a listen.

  • Since yesterday’s post, there have been two new subscribers to the blog: davezibelli was No. 49 and kvnp12 was No. 50. As promised yesterday, I’ll get a hold of kvnp12 and will do a brief email interview (which will be published here) about all things PawSox and how he’s preparing for international fame since getting a shout-out on 45 Miles From Fenway.

Enjoy the rest of your day.  I hope your lunch is as good as mine.